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SSIS 2012 Training at NextEdge Software Solutions, Bangalore, May 28th – May 30th, 2013

SSIS 2012 training comes to an end at NextEdge Software Solutions, Bangalore. Nice and jolly participants..enjoyed a lot…


SSRS 2008 R2 Training at Babel Systems, Bangalore, May 11th – May 13th, 2013

Just finished SSRS 2008 R2 training at Babel Systems, Bangalore. It’s been nice experience to give demo on how to implement globalization, using embedded code and custom assemblies, how to implement customization of look and feel of report, security, etc. Participants were good and had good learning attitude. Overall, good training session. Missed to take a snap with participants…

SSAS 2012 and SSRS 2012 Training at Honeywell, Orion, Bangalore, May 6th – May 10th, 2013

SSAS and SSRS 2012 training at Honeywell, Bangalore. Nice interaction with the participants on technical issues…


SSAS 2012 Cube Browser Doesn’t Support Earlier Browsing Features

I faced a lot of problems when I designed and tried browsing a cube developed using SSAS 2012. I was not able to see the custom format string for measures, context menu for Actions were not appearing as it used to be in earlier versions, the pivot feature is not working, etc. Of course, It’s annoying for developers.

The SSAS 2012 has removed many data browsing features from the cube browser window saying we need to use Excel 2013’s, probably Excel 2012 as well, Pivot feature in order to view all that. When I tried using Excel 2013 using a small icon that appears in the toolbar of Cube Browser window, almost all features worked fine. So, we are forced by the Microsoft to browse the cube like.

I wish SSAS 2012 would have retained the features in cube browser, adding same features into Excel as well. Though, I’m yet to test other tools, which are used to browse SSAS cubes in order to check what works and what doesn’t. Will update soon!


Adding Business Intelligence Project Templates to Visual Studio 2012

I faced a problem when I installed Visual Studio 2012 with SQL Server 2012. To my surprise, when I tried to create SSRS project, I didn’t find Business Intelligence Projects templates in Visual Studio 2012. I was sure that I had installed all components while installing SQL Server 2012. Little research revealed that SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence project templates are not installed by default to the Visual Studio 2012.

Opps! What to do? Here is the solution. The Microsoft has given a separate installer in order to install BI project templates into Visual Studio 2012. Click here to download it.

The installer exe name is SSDTBI_VS2012_x86_ENU, which says it is for 32-bit system. Don’t get confused and frustated, thinking it’s only for 32-bit system. It works for both 32-bit as well as 64-bit system as Visual Studio 2012 doesn’t differentiate between x86 and x64 from installation point of view.

Go ahead, donwload it and work with BI projects in Visual Studio 2012!


Delivered Session on “Designing SSRS Reports Using SSAS Cube” at BDotNet UG Meet at Microsoft, Bangalore, May 04, 2013

Delivered session on “Designing SSRS Reports Using SSAS Cube” at BDotNet UG meet at Microsoft, Bangalore, May 04, 2013. Room full of participants. Thanks to Lohith G. N., Vic Parmar and Praveen Prajapati..




Will upload session recording soon…