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.NET Training at Accenture, Bang-6, Bangalore, Dec 3 – Dec 30, 2013

Completed .NET batch at Accenture, Bang-6, B’lore yesterday…approx. 30 guys, correctly say enthusiastic and naughty ones…Last training of year 2013…Hope year 2014 brings more trainings on my way…:)

Shortcut Keys for Try…Catch Block in C#

Wow!!! It amazing. I used to type Try…Catch block all the time. So, I thought Visual Studio must be having some shortcut keys for this. And to my surprise, it did have one Ctrl + K, Ctrl + S, it would show you a drop down list, type T and press Enter button…Boom!!! You got it. Take a look at below image…

My friends Abhijit Jhana and Shivprasad Koirala suggested type Try and press Tab twice. It works!!! And believer me, better than that I suggested above…


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Microsoft Press eBook: Programming Windows Store Apps 2nd Edition

This is really a good book on HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript to develop Windows Store Apps…Click here to download it for free…Hurry!!!



Free Wrox Ebook Professional WPF with C# and .NET 4.5

Wrox publication is giving free ebooks??? I couldn’t believe it. But, I downloaded the book and found really good. Though, I though it covers only WPF and C# but to my surprise, it covers various technologies using C# 4.5 and many new techniques. I really recommend you to download and take a look at. Click here to download it…



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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Internal Book

Much awaited and must have book on SQL Server i.e. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Internals… I’ve gone through a few chapters and I have only to say – Awesome!!!


I thank to all authors who made is possible, especially Kalen Delaney (my favorite author and technical guy on SQL Server, hope I see her in person sometime..:)..

Microsoft Visual C# 2013 Book

Take a look at the next version of C#. Microsoft has recently released a book on Visual C# 2013. Click here for more details.