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M# Programming Language, a Step Ahead to C#

It’s awesome!!! I tried M# programming language today and believe me, it’s faster…really  faster. I’m not sure about technical advantages over C#, but, of course, the development is much faster with it.

Earlier, I thought it’s going to compete with the C#, but I realized it’s a companion to C# and ASP.NET. Microsoft is still working on this M# project. But, let’s start learning it now. Take a look at the first screen that we come across when we start M# Explorer. Yes. It’s M# IDE is browser based. Isn’t it awesome!!!


Try it on you own. Best of luck!


SSIS Training at Mphasis, Bagmane Tech Park, Bangalore, Jan 2 – Jan 5, 2014

Started new year with SSIS training at Mphasis, Bagmane Tech Park, Bangalore on Jan 2nd. Just done with it. Great learning and sharing during session…Nice participants…