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Different Tabs Inside Package Designer in SSIS

When we create a new package in SSIS 2012 project, we get a package file showing following tabs in the designer area: Controls Flow, Data Flow, Parameters, Event Handlers and Package Explorer. Lets discuss about these tabs a little bit.

Control Flow:
This is the first tab in the designer. We can drag and drop different types of Tasks from SSIS Toolbox. Here we can group the tasks using different types of containers like Sequence, For Loop or Foreach Loop. We can define precedence constraints over here to give desired flow to the tasks.


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Where SSIS, SSAS and SSRS Fit into Business Intelligence?

This is a very common question that I always ask to my participants on the very first day of Business Intelligence training. And, to my surprise, only a few guys know about it. It’s not their fault. They work on particular technology for longer period and stuck with that. So, they just bother to handle their day-to-day life work and get away. So, I thought to discuss this topic a little bit so that everyone, especially the beginners are aware of this basic knowledge/fact.

At first, what’s this buzz word called “Business Intelligence”? And the answer is: a process that empowers high-level management to take decisions faster based on analytical data.

Before I get started, lets see the image below:


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.NET Training at Accenture, Bangalore, May 22 – Jun 17, 2014

Just finished .NET GF training at Accenture, Bangalore. I really enjoyed this batch…Best of luck guys!!!