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How to get back SSIS Toolbox in Visual Studio 2012

I got confused when I tried SSIS 2012 for the very first time. In earlier versions of SSIS i.e. 2008 or 2008 R2, we have only a single Toolbox window in the package designer. While, the SSIS 2012 provides all tools such as Data Source, Transformations, Data Destinations, etc. in a new windows called SSIS Toolbox. I’m unsure why the SQL Serve team has done this and what they wanted to achieve by this. I guess they thought it would be easier for a package developer to have all tools and controls in a separate toolbox window from management point of view. To me, that’s okay..:)

So, if you are not getting SSIS Toolbox window in your Visual Studio, where to find it out?

What all you need to do is go to View -> Other Windows -> SSIS Toolbox. Click on it and it will appear to the left side of Visual Studio by default. You may dock it anywhere, if you wish. Don’t get confused when you see empty original Toolbox window over there as well. It doesn’t contain any SSIS tools.

Take a look at image below…


Trust it helps you out.