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Blogs on Cloud Technologies

Yes! I begin to write about the Cloud, the buzzword… 🙂  Will be writing on the Azure Data Services and the Data Factory…Stay tuned!

Data Sources Supported by Power BI

Wow! Just amazing!

Power BI can connect to anything and everything on this planet. Not much to write over here about the data sources supported by the Power BI. Just take a look at below images.

Power BI Desktop team provides upgrades in the first week of every month, earlier it was scheduled at the end of every month. Keep you Power BI Desktop upgraded all the time n get all new Data Sources released, if any. It’s just amazing to connect to so many different types data sources using this tool. Good job team!

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Difference between SSRS and Power BI

Yes! There is difference between the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and the Power BI.

The bottom line is the SSRS is the developer-oriented enterprise-level reporting/visualization tool while the Power BI is client-oriented Self-Service BI tool. I’m sure this statement makes it pretty clear what I am going to say next.

SSRS is the developer-oriented tool means you need to know how to design a report, get the data from the data source and deploy it. If any change is required in the report, it should be done by the developer of the report and redeploy back on to Report Server. This creates a lot of problem when the client wants to view data from different perspectives. He has to come back to the development team and request for the same. The client has no control over report designing and digging out the data himself, at any point in time. And, that’s why lots of clients prefer to analyze financial and statistical data using Microsoft Excel tool, perfect for them.

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What is Power BI Embedded

Let me put it in simple words – Pay us and use Power BI visuals in your app, out-of-the-box. No Office365 subscription required. That’s it!

If you wish to use Power BI, you need to have Office365 subscription with you. Even if you wish to share the reports/dashboards with the client, you need to get him an Office365 subscription for him. It means pay up, and then you can bring your client in your network. That’s how he can use the Dashboards/Reports in Power BI. But, what if wish not to buy Office365 subscription for him? Can he still look into the Dashboards/Reports???

Yes, very much possible now. And, that’s where Power BI Embedded comes to your rescue.

Power BI Embedded is a part of Microsoft Azure infrastructure. It helps you to use REST APIs and the Power BI SDK to call the data visuals into your app. Yes! You need to pay for that as well but you can definitely share your visuals out-of-the-box i.e. Power BI Service. If you wish to use Power BI Embedded, the Microsoft Azure is the place to start off.

I tried this component and I think it’s pretty good. More to explore yet!

Introduction to Power BI

It’s been longer the Power BI is in the industry, may be last 2-3 years. Yet, a lots of data professionals have not yet tasted it. What all I can say is it’s a great tool for data visualization.

Power BI has got three major components: 1.) Power BI Desktop, 2.) Power BI Service, and 3.) Power BI Mobile.

Let us briefly talk about all three components.

Power BI Desktop:

Desktop is a tool, used to design the visualizations and reports. It helps us to connect to data source and pull the data into the visualizations. One or more visualizations make a report. In Power BI, a report may be having multiple Pages, and each page may have different types of visualizations. I’m sure, you are getting confused with the word Visualization. A visualization is nothing but a data control like Chart, Table, Matrix, Graphs, Maps, Spark Lines, etc. that’s how we refer it in SQL Server Reporting Services. So, don’t get confused. You know about it! 🙂

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Visual C# .NET Training at Siemens, Bengaluru, 04 – 06 Jan, 2017

Finished Visual C# training at Siemens, Bangalore. New training center at Salarpuria building. Spent nice time with the participants…