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Microsoft Launches Preview of Quantum Development Kit and Q# Programming Language

Wow! Amazing! I’m excited!

Microsoft just released the preview of Quantum Development Kit for programming for Quantum computers. We’re getting a new programming language today called Q# for quantum programming.

Here is the link from where you can get more information about Quantum Development Kit. Go ahead and download it…

Click here to download Quantum Development Kit

Best of luck!


Editors for Python Programming

Several guys asked me which editor to use for Python programming, which one I use and why, which one is better and why, blah…blah…

I say, there are many! Believe me!

I recommend only two editors: 1.) Visual Studio Code, and 2.) Python’s IDLE Editor (Integrated Development & Learning Environment).

I use the Visual Studio Code as I have been working with Visual Studio since last 17 years. And, it provides me environment to code with other languages/scripts, etc. as well. It’s really fast, having lots of extensions, and more extensions coming up. The most important thing – It’s reliable as Microsoft product. And on top of that, it’s FREE, OPEN SOURCE and RUNS EVERYWHERE! 🙂 I have no reason why I should opt for any other editor when I am getting everything, more than that, using Visual Studio Code. Hence, my first preference and recommendation is Visual Studio Code for Python. Here is the link to download Visual Studio Code

Yes! If you’re not a Microsoft guy, then you can just use Python IDLE and learn the language, suffice for beginners. Once done, just install Visual Studio Code and use it.

Hope it gives you a direction to kick off your Python learning! Happy learning!