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Migrating On-Premises SQL Server Database to Azure SQL Database

Today I was trying to migrate an On-Premises SQL Server 2016 Database to Azure SQL Database using .bacpac file option i.e. Export Data-Tier Application, but bad luck! I got this error every time I tried, and to my surprise, all credentials and configurations were correct.

The error that I got was: “Deployment fails with ‘Unable to connect to master or target server ‘xyz’. You must have a user with the same password in master or target server ‘xyzdb“. I really couldn’t get it why it’s happening as everything was correct. Whether I try to do it using Azure Portal or SSMS, the result remain same – Error.

Somehow I figured it out that I have been using SQL Server Management Studio ver. 13.0 and I need to have the latest SSMS with me. I used SQL Server 2016 and SSMS version for the same. Hence, I downloaded the SQL Server Management Studio ver. 17.4, which is for SQL Server 2017. And guess what??? It did work without any error at the very first try. 🙂

So, the above error message was completely misleading. Just have the latest SSMS with you, doesn’t matter if you are using SQL Server 2014/2016. And, you will be able to migrate SQL Server DB to Azure SQL DB.

Hope this helps you out! 🙂