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Advanced C# Training at Siemens, Bangalore 25-29 June, 2018

Just finished 5 days Advanced C# training at Siemens, Bangalore…Had a nice time explaining concepts!


Visual C# .NET Training at Siemens, Bengaluru, 11 – 13 Jun, 2018

Just finished 3 days C# training at Siemens, Bengaluru…Visited their Siemens’ new office at Gold Hills, EC, Phase-2. Very good facility, especially the training room, etc. Enjoyed!


Shortcut Keys for Try…Catch Block in C#

Wow!!! It amazing. I used to type Try…Catch block all the time. So, I thought Visual Studio must be having some shortcut keys for this. And to my surprise, it did have one Ctrl + K, Ctrl + S, it would show you a drop down list, type T and press Enter button…Boom!!! You got it. Take a look at below image…

My friends Abhijit Jhana and Shivprasad Koirala suggested type Try and press Tab twice. It works!!! And believer me, better than that I suggested above…


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