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WPF and MVVM Training at L&T Technology Services, Mysuru, 11-15 Feb, 2019

Conducted WPF and MVVM training at L&T Technology Services, Mysuru during 11-15 Feb, 2019.

Have been working on ASP.NET MVC, Angular and React more often now-a-days. It’s been really great to have this session as I had worked on WPF and MVVM long back and was out of touch somehow. Feel Happy! I still remember all the concepts and could share my knowledge with the participants.

Had nice time with cool weather at L&T Technology Services!


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Free Wrox Ebook Professional WPF with C# and .NET 4.5

Wrox publication is giving free ebooks??? I couldn’t believe it. But, I downloaded the book and found really good. Though, I though it covers only WPF and C# but to my surprise, it covers various technologies using C# 4.5 and many new techniques. I really recommend you to download and take a look at. Click here to download it…



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WPF Training at Studec, Bangalore, Dec 20th – Dec 24th, 2012

It’s been nice experience teaching WPF to the huge crowd at Studec, Bangalore…Wish you all a very happy Christmas…

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